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About Us

About Our Firm

We're a group of professionals advocating strongly for our clients. Our growth has been based on word of mouth, one client recommending us to another. Our strongest assets are the people that we hire and their dedication to our clients. We've got almost a century of wisdom between us.

Romer & Company was founded in 1980 and since then have been helping our clients be more effective and achieve their goals while maximizing opportunities for tax savings. Twenty-plus years of providing services has brought us wisdom that you can't get from a book or paper-just a lot of life experience that helps us better advise our clients and identify and meet their needs.

Staff Roles

We've got great people at Romer & Company. As hard-working, loyal, professionals, we love to help people solve their problems. We can direct you through the maze at the IRS or anywhere else. When you work with Romer & Company, you'll know you came to the right place.

Audit Manager
The audit manager is responsible for reviewing every audit and compilation that goes out the door. The audit manager ensures that the firms' practices follow generally acceptable accounting practices and that our work standards adhere to the AICPA guidelines. This person also ensures adequate planning and supervision of all engagements-including audits, compilations or reviews. Additional responsibilities include forecasts and attestation engagements.

Senior Staff Accountant
The senior staff accountant applies principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare reports and prepare entries to accounts documenting business transactions and to analyze information detailing assets, liabilities, profit & loss statements. Other responsibilities of a senior staff accountant include preparation of complex tax returns, consultations with clients, advisory services, tests of accounts, estate planning and expert witness testimony.

Staff Accountant
The staff accountant works with a senior staff accountant to ensure that write up work is complete, audits are supported and also prepares tax returns. A staff accountant has typically graduated with a degree in accounting and is working towards their board certification.

Accounting Support Staff/Bookkeeper
These individuals assist clients with periodic bookkeeping, data entry, payroll, software installation and maintenance, accounts payable/accounts receivable work and data input of tax returns.

The Glue That Holds Us Together
The administrative staff at Romer & Company works as a team to coordinate incoming information, manage out-going paperwork and keep communication flowing smoothly. Pride in the way we do business is reflected in the professional, pleasant attitude and the ability to anticipate the gap. The client is first -- and it shows with the friendly reception you get when contacting Romer & Company.

Wise Old Dogs
There are still a few of them around: the pilot, the real estate guru, the basis queen and the tax court pit-bull. The qualified staff at Romer & Company have years life and client experience that bring a lot the to the table. Being smart and working smart are different things. When combined (fasten your seat belt!) good ideas can be implemented. . . positive results can be achieved . . amazing things can happen!


Romer & Company is a relaxed, professional organization that has been in business for over 25 years. Our staff consists of five professionals and five support staff. We offer flexibility, allowing people to accomplish both professional and personal goals.

The best team of people will be engaged because we know they have time in their lives for other things too. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact our office manager at 612-872-0012. We're always looking for qualified, interesting people to be a part of our firm.